Tattoo Artist Wanted Queen's Gambit Tattoo Rockville, MD

Tattoo Artist Wanted Queen's Gambit Tattoo Rockville, MD

Tattoo Artist Wanted

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Job Description

Queen’s Gambit Tattoo is looking for a clean, professional, full-time tattoo artist with the following qualifications:

  • Experience: At least 1-3 years of tattooing experience.
  • Apprenticeship: Must have completed at least one successful apprenticeship; this is not an apprentice position.
  • Career Goal: Must aspire to achieve a living wage as part of your career goal (70k+).
  • Portfolio: A portfolio is a must.

We are a street shop that also does custom work with plenty of opportunities. We primarily operate by appointment, but we have regular walk-in requests that will increase with additional tattoo artists.

While having specialties is fine, we expect every artist to be capable of handling anything fist-sized or smaller in any style. For larger projects, it’s typically the client’s choice, or we assign the best-suited artist for the job.

Application Requirements

Applicants are required to email the following information to

  • Your name
  • Location (driving distance from the shop)
  • Resume (both tattoo and non-tattoo, if applicable)
  • Links to your social media profiles and/or website
  • If you don’t have a website, include 5-10 of your best tattoo photos in the email.

We will be reaching out to the top applicants within 2-3 weeks. Please do not apply if you have not completed a traditional apprenticeship.

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