Tattoo Artist Seeking Work New York, New York

Tattoo Artist Seeking Work New York, New York

Tattoo Artist Seeking Work

Artist Information

  • Artist Name: Nancy Liang
  • Instagram: @Ankh.artist
  • Date Started Tattooing: 05/03/2020
  • Completed Apprenticeship: No
    • If yes, who was your mentor?:

Current Work Status

  • Currently Working at a Licensed Shop: Yes
    • Shop: Grand Arc Studio

Preferred Work Location

  • Location: New York, NY 10024, US
  • Currently Licensed in Desired Location: Yes

Seeking Opportunities

  • Looking For: Booth Rent, Commission/Split, Guest Spot


  • Specialties: Fineline, Ornamental, and Microrealism

About Nancy Liang





My name is Nancy, and I just moved from Vancouver, Canada, to New York, and I’m looking for a guest artist spot that could potentially lead to a residency. I have a green card and permission to work in the USA.

Tattoo Journey

I learned body tattooing through a one-on-one mentorship with @louisflowerbloom. Before transitioning to body tattooing, I was a Microblading artist and received my training at Phibrows Academy. I was then scouted and trained as a microblading Master trainer for Beauty Angels. I spent four years as a microblading artist before venturing into tattooing.


Please check out my portfolio on Instagram @ankh.artist.

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