Rising Dragon Tattoos New York City

Rising Dragon Tattoos New York City

Rising Dragon Tattoos, NYC – A Legacy of Tattoo Excellence in the Big Apple

Tattoo Shop: Rising Dragon Tattoos
Type: Tattoo & Artistry Shop
Location: 51 W 14th St #2r, New York, NY 10011
Contact: (212) 255-8288 | Request a Booking
Website: risingdragon.com
Rating: 4.8 (414 Reviews)

Why Choose Rising Dragon Tattoos, NYC?

Nestled in the beating heart of New York City, Rising Dragon Tattoos has been an icon of tattoo artistry for over 25 years. Our stellar rating of 4.8, derived from the feedback of over 414 patrons, is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Specializing in a vast array of tattoo styles, from 3D photo-real tattoos to traditional Asian art, we are adept at turning your body into a canvas of meaningful art.

A Catalogue of Unique Services

We offer a diverse palette of tattooing styles:

  • 3D photo-real, Abstract, Celtic, Color ink, Custom lettering, Dot work, Figurative, Fine line, Mandala, Maori, Memorial, Old-fashioned, Photo-realistic, Polynesian tribal, Sleeve, and more.
  • Additional Services: Tattoo aftercare, Design, Finishing, Removal, Touch-ups, and Skin Care.
  • Customization: We’re also adept at crafting custom drawings, designs, and pieces tailored to your vision.

Contact & Scheduling Information

Wishing to become a part of our esteemed community? Dial (212) 255-8288 or head over to our website for more details. We are closing soon at 8 PM today, but the doors will be open again at 12 PM on Friday.

The Rising Dragon Tattoos Commitment

Our team at Rising Dragon Tattoos understands that each tattoo is a personal journey. Whether it’s a tribute, a memory, or a statement, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring your story is etched perfectly. With over 25 years in the business, our experience and craftsmanship ensure you’re in capable hands.

Exceptional Ratings, Exceptional Service

Our 4.8 rating, supported by 414 reviews, stands as a monument to our dedication to the art and to our clients. Each review not only highlights our craft but also the stories and memories we’ve helped create over the years.

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where ink and skin converge to narrate your story. Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or a newcomer looking to start your ink journey, Rising Dragon Tattoos offers a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and artistry. Step into our studio at 51 W 14th St #2r, New York, NY 10011, and let’s create memories that last a lifetime.

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